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The Military and Militarization of Republican China

The Republican period in Chinese history saw wars on multiple fronts, with invasions from without and civil strife from within. The period was shaped by wars that traumatized and transformed society. Papers by scholars from China, the US, and Europe, including work informed by new archival materials and interdisciplinary in approach, analyze the issue of "militarization" and look into the way wars, and the institutionalization or routinization of violence, might have shaped the culture of Republican China.

September 27, 2013 10:00am to September 28, 2013 5:00pm

Papers include:

Brown, Shana, History, University of Hawaii
"The Mirror of the Military: Photographic Portrayals of Military Leadership in the Republican and Wartime Period."

DU Jidong, Institute of Modern History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
“US AID and the Nationalist Party before and after the Nationalist Retreat to Taiwan”

DUAN Ruicong, Keio University
“Chiang Kai-shek and Military Mobilization in the Early Years of the War of Resistance”

Howard, Joshua, History and International Studies, University of Mississippi
“‘Music for a National Defense’: Making martial music during the Anti-Japanese War”

HE Wenping, History, Zhongshan University
“Local Armed Forces in the Pearl River Delta in Early Republican Period”

Jessup, Brooks, East Asian Studies, Free University of Berlin
“A Bodhisattva Descends to Hell: The Buddhist Collaboration of Wen Lanting in Wartime Shanghai”

Landdeck, Kevin, Ethnic Studies, Sarah Lawrence College
“Chicken-footed Gods or Village Protectors?: Conscription, Community, and Conflict in Rural Sichuan, 1937-45”

LI Zhiyu, History, East China Normal University
“Military Political Work in the Nationalist Revolutionary Army during the Northern Expedition”

LUO Min, Institute of Modern History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
“Chiang Kai-shek and Local Power Elite in China’s Southwest”

Sheehan, Brett, History, University of Southern California
“Dongya Corporation and its Christian Spirit, Military Discipline" Slogan”

Tillman, Margaret, History, University of Mississippi
“US Aid for Child Welfare in the Post-war and Civil War Years”

WANG Anzhong, Institute of History, Hunan Academy of Social Sciences
“Military Industrial Rivalries between the Nationalists and the Communists during the Civil War”

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