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Masters of Tibetan Bronzework: Nima and Dawa Dakpa

The Freer Sackler Museum of Asian Art presents Dawa Drolma with Nima and Dawa Dakpa to discuss their work in preserving traditional bronzework and share insights into sculptures from the Himalayan region on view.

September 10, 2016 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Tibetan Buddhism and other areas of traditional Tibetan culture are undergoing a renaissance worldwide. As the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism flourish, the production of objects associated with its practice has shifted to non-Tibetan areas. Smithsonian Tibetan Artists in Residence Nima and Dawa Dakpa are working to preserve traditional bronzework techniques used to create sacred objects in the Tibetan region of Khams, Sichuan Province, and share them with a new generation. This father-and-son team designs and produces bronze statues made to last centuries that embody Buddhist imagery and principles.
In this talk, filmmaker Dawa Drolma joins her father and brother to discuss their work and share insights into sculptures from the Himalayan region on view in the Freer|Sackler. A reception follows.
The Smithsonian Tibetan Artist in Residence (STAR) program is an initiative of the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage.
Free and Open to the Public