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Maritime Security Challenges 2018: Pacific Seapower

 The Navy League of Canada in association with the Royal Canadian Navy hosts a conference in British Columbia focusing on Pacific seapower.

October 15, 2018 11:15am to October 18, 2018 11:15am

The sea has long been the basis of prosperity and security. A stable and secure ocean commons has been the foundation of the massive expansion of trade, communications, and wealth across the world. This expansion has seen a significant accumulation of seapower in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, a progression that been accompanied by new challenges brought about by strategic, political, environmental and technological change. Change is expected, but not predictable. It is therefore critical for lawmakers, naval planners, academics and industry operators to reflect on the past, assess the present, and think critically about the future in terms of the evolution and application of seapower. Are maritime stakeholders prepared to anticipate, adapt and respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by an increasingly dynamic maritime environment?


Panel Discussions:

  • A View from the Atlantic: Strengthening NATO’s Maritime Posture
  • Striking a Balance in the Full Spectrum of Maritime Operations
  • The Evolving Seascape: Understanding the Future Maritime Environment
  • Building Strategic Resolve: Policy, Platforms, and People in Maritime Security
  • The Future Fleet: Investing in a New Maritime Era
  • The Innovation Imperative: Enabling Flexibility Through Technology & Transformation
  • The Cooperation Coefficient: Multinational Efforts to Secure the Ocean Commons
  • The South China Sea: A Power Struggle in Asia
  • Debate: The Continuing Relevance of the Aircraft Carrier
  • Maritime Calculations on the Korean Peninsula
  • Cyber in the Maritime Domain
  • Changing Ocean Dynamics