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Los Angeles Shorts International Film Festival 2017 - Chinese American Filmmakers Showcase

These two programs are dedicated to celebrating Chinese American filmmakers who were born in China. They will kick off the Los Angeles Shorts International Film Festival 2017.

August 2, 2017 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Chinese American Filmmakers Showcase 
Wednesday, August 2, 2:00pm - Program 1
Wednesday, August 2, 4:00pm - Program 2
Program 1:
Chinese Dream- Peking Opera by Meng Lu
The Moon Thief by Rose Guo
Interrogation by YueCheng Liu
Revelation - the City of Haze by Lu Sun
The Shuttle by Lu Han
Wash by Zhichun Huang
First Bloom by Tingting Liu
Promise by Tian Xie
Program 2:
I Don't Make The Rules by Lawrence Chen
Bittersweet by Jeffrey Chu
Iron Hands by Yu Cheng
Lily by Tomorrow Mingtian
To Pimp a Butterfly by Rui Cui