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A Lifetime is a Promise to Keep: Artistic Expression and Resistance in the work of Huang Xiang

Huang Xiang in conversation with Michelle Yeh, UC Davis Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures and translator of Huang Xiang's poetry.

September 2, 2009 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Huang Xiang, Poet and Calligrapher
Michelle Yeh, East Asian Languages and Cultures, UC Davis

Labeled a dissident poet and artist, Huang Xiang, whose work is still banned in China, will offer an artistic performance and a reading from his new book, A Lifetime Is a Promise to Keep: Poems of Huang Xiang.  The book, published by IEAS in 2009, contains an introduction to Huang Xiang and his poetry, as well as Chinese and English versions of his poems. Described by Michelle Yeh as “an irrepressible free spirit” sustained by his belief in life through the harrowing experiences of repression, he and his poems speak with vitality and intensity, with humility and gentleness.  Words and images intertwine as Huang Xiang offers a demonstration of his work in visual art