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Journeys: The Silk Road

Journeys: The Silk Road is an interactive family-friendly exhibition where visitors can explore the legendary trade route that linked Europe and Asia for more than a thousand years.

July 9, 2011 10:30am to 12:00am

Most people are familiar with the phrase “Silk Road” and enchanted by the romantic images it brings to mind. Pacific Asia Museum chose this intriguing theme to not only help visitors deepen their knowledge of the road, but to explore the wider idea of cultural exchange as seen throughout the museum’s extensive collection.

Designed for self-directed learning, hands-on engagement with objects and ideas, Journeys creates a museum experience that is different every time. The fundamental idea – that people, things and ideas traveled the Silk Road – becomes much more meaningful when you can pretend to be the people, touch the things, and see the ideas expressed visually. Visitors of all ages can try on a camel handler’s coat, unravel a silkworm cocoon, sit on a lotus blossom, touch real gold and jade, investigate a map, relax in the travelers’ tent, try an ancient dance, or even sit on a camel. Just as no two people are alike, ways of learning are not alike. By encouraging discovery through playing, pretending, touching, and looking in new ways, Pacific Asia Museum is allowing more people more ways to enjoy art and culture.

Curated by Amelia Chapman

Free for members, or $10 a family.
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