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Ink Unbound: Paintings by Liu Dan

The Minneapolis Institute of Art presents the exhibition, "Ink Unbound, Paintings by Liu Dan".

September 17, 2016 10:00am to January 29, 2017 5:00pm

Liu Dan is one of China’s most renowned living artists, translating his fastidious observations of the world around him into ink through fresh ideas about composition and original brushstroke techniques. This expansive selection of his recent paintings—meticulous and unexpected landscapes, rocks, and still-lifes—showcase both his technical virtuosity and unrestrained imagination.

Uniquely classical yet refreshingly contemporary, Liu’s paintings blend his deep appreciation of the Western art canon with the 2,000-year-old heritage of Chinese painting. Artistic traditions become a point of departure as Liu resists schematized brush techniques and stagnant notions of great art in favor of a new visual language all his own. “Ink Unbound” captures Liu’s remarkable contributions to contemporary Chinese ink painting while also offering a contemplative experience for all viewers.

Major funding provided by: David Dewey and Addy Lam
Generous support is provided by: Duncan and Nivin MacMillan Foundation, the Gale Family Endowment, Beverly Grossman, William Carey, William I. and Bianca M. Fine Charitable Trust, Sheila Morgan, George Muellner, Richard and Jennie Carlson, Kaywin Feldman and Jim Lutz, Pat and Tom Grossman, Alfred and Ingrid Lenz Harrison, Hubert Joly, John and Nancy Lindahl, Barbara Longfellow, M. Julie McKinley, Thomas M. Morin, Hueyun Wang, Serene and Chris Warren, and donors to the 2016 Mia Gala
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