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How Innovation Works in California and Shanghai

UCSD and Fudan University present a panel with Jin Li, David Michael, and Jim Wunderman discussing innovation in two of the world's most dynamic economies: California and Shanghai.

February 5, 2015 5:00pm to 6:00pm

As two of the world’s most dynamic economies, California and Shanghai are recognized globally as leading and emerging innovators. This panel of leading experts from both regions will explore the strengths and weaknesses of the different innovation models being pursued in their regions.

The speakers will address the questions of how California and Shanghai innovate, what policies are needed to further bolster innovation and how current trends will impact future competitiveness. Discussion will also include how California and Shanghai fit into their national and global innovation ecosystems, and what opportunities exist for both to create partnerships to further bolster their innovation economies.

This event is part of the inaugural California-Shanghai Innovation Dialogue, a two-day conference bringing high-level business, political and academic leaders together for influential conversations on topics crucial to the development of both regions.

Panelists: Jin Li, Fudan University vice president; David Michael, Boston Consulting Group senior partner & managing director San Francisco; and Jim Wunderman, Bay Area Council president and CEO

Moderator: Peter Cowhey, School of International Relations and Pacific Studies dean


Peter Cowhey, School of International Relations and Pacific Studies dean, served as senior counselor in the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative under President Obama and chief of the International Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission under President Clinton. He currently sits on the bi-national expert group appointed by the U.S. and Chinese governments to address technology policy issues involving the two countries.

Jin Li, Fudan University vice president, received his doctoral degree in genetics from the University of Texas and is a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He serves as an editorial board member for nine academic journals, and is president of the Shanghai Society of Genetics and Shanghai Society of Anthropology. His research interests lie in medical genetics and genetic epidemiology, computational biology, human population genetics and genomics.

David Michael, Boston Consulting Group (BCG’s) senior partner & managing director San Francisco, is the leader of BCG’s Global Advantage Practice Area, which orchestrates emerging markets solutions for global clients. A member of the World Economic Forum, Michael serves on the Global Agenda Council on Emerging Market Multinationals. He is the author of several articles highlighted in The Economist and Financial Times. He also co-authored “The $10 Trillion Prize: Captivating the Newly Affluent of China and India,” published by Harvard Business School Press.

Jim Wunderman is president and CEO of the Bay Area Council, a CEO-led public policy organization focused on making the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley the most globally competitive and economically productive region in the world.

This public event is organized by UC San Diego and Fudan University in collaboration with the UC Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation, School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, Jacob’s School of Engineering, 21st Century China Program, Fudan Development Institute, Fudan-UC Center on Contemporary China and UC San Diego International House.

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