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From Here to China: Secrets of Plastic Recycling

This event is sponsored by the Ecology Center and is part of a series for Plastic-Free July.

July 30, 2015 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Why do we send so much of our plastic waste to China for recycling? What actually happens to it once it’s there? Why don’t we handle our own plastic waste? With its “Green Fence” policy, China has become choosier about the plastic waste it accepts, while US residents are creating more plastic waste than ever. We’ll be screening a clip from Wang Jiuliang’s upcoming film “Plastic China” and hosting a panel discussion that pulls the curtain back on our ever-shifting plastics recycling system.
Moderator – Martin Bourque, Executive Director of the Ecology Center
Steve Lautze, CA Association of Recycling Market Development Zones, BIN
Patty Moore, President, Moore Recycling Associates
Peter Schultze-Allen, Former Zero Waste Commissioner, City of Berkeley
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