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Early Modern China in the Late Imperial World Workshop

To commerate the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the journal Late Imperial China and the Society for Qing Studies, this workshop, created by Johns Hopkins University's East Asian Studies Program and Department of History, will reflect on the place of Ming-Qing China in global and regional histories, titled “Early Modern China in the Late Imperial World.”

October 15, 2015 9:00am to October 16, 2015 5:00pm
The title plays with conventional expectations regarding time and development and with the teleologies that inevitably locate ‘modernity’ outside Chinese space—even as it reminds us of both the contingent nature of these expectations.  By inviting distinguished scholars from the JHU History Department who are working on other areas of the early modern world to serve as discussants (and by including their graduate students in the discussion), this workshop hopes to foster a lively conversation that extends beyond the boundaries of our field.
Speakers and Discussants include (subject to change):
Peter Perdue, Yale University
Bill Rowe, JHU
Emily Mokros, PhD student, JHU
Will Brown, PhD student, JHU
Matthew Mosca, University of Washington
Michael Kwass, JHU
Francois Furstenberg, JHU
Pier Larson,. JHU
Ho-Fung Hung, JHU
Gabe Paquette, JHU, discussant
Marta Hanson, JHU
Carla Nappi, University of British Columbia
Ting Zhang, UMD
Michael Chang, GMU
Xing Hang, Brandeis
Erin Rowe, JHU, discussant
Location TBA.
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