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Developing CQ to navigate cross-cultural challenges in China

The Australia China SME Association will be hosting an online Roundtable in webinar format discussing the topic “CQ = Cultural Intelligence”

May 14, 2020 7:30pm to 9:00pm

About this Event

At our regular ACSME Roundtables, we’ve often reached the conclusion that the greatest hurdle for Australian SMEs to overcome when doing business in China is navigating the numerous cross-cultural challenges, particularly around managing expectations, negotiations and communications.

As a result, developing “Cultural Intelligence” (otherwise known as “CQ”) has become an essential skill for doing business in China and we need to spend more time understanding CQ, developing our own CQ, and putting our CQ into practice.

We have therefore invited Tracy Driscoll of The Leadership Group Australia to run a 90 minute webinar on this topic, drawing on all of her skills and experience from coaching business leaders in China, and we invite all ACSME members, guests, supporters and friends to join us.

This event will be held on Thursday, May 14th at 12:30PM Australian Eastern Standard Time and Wednesday, May 13th at 7:30PM Pacific Time.