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Confucianism in Modern Chinese Culture with Yu Dan

Professor Yu Dan discusses Confucianism and how it relates to the modern world.

July 31, 2008 4:00pm to 12:00am

Yu Dan (于丹) is a Professor and Associate Dean of the School of Arts and Media at Beijing Normal University. She holds a Master’s degree in Chinese Literature and a doctorate in Film and Television Studies.  In 2006 her lectures on Confucianism appeared on CCTV’s popular primetime show, Lecture Room, transforming her into a cultural icon.  From the transcript of these talks, she published Yu Dan’s Reflections on ‘The Analects’ (于丹《论语》心得). In this simply written book, she reinterprets the classical text for the common person, sharing personal anecdotes and relating the text to modern day life.  Her book, which has been described as a “Confucian chicken soup for the modern Chinese soul,” has sold 4.2 million copies and has been translated into several languages including Korean and Japanese.  In addition to her work on Confucius, Yu Dan also lectured in 2007 on the philosopher, Zhuangzi, and published a text entitled, Yu Dan’s Reflections on ‘Zhuangzi’ (于丹《庄子》心得). Her broadcasts and writings have made Yu Dan a household name in China.  She now serves as a media advisor to over 40 regional TV stations in China. 

Thursday, July 31
4:00 p.m.
The Harry and Yvonne Lenart Auditorium
Fowler Museum at UCLA

Lecture will be given in Mandarin Chinese.

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