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China's Population Challenges

Barbara Pillsbury examines population policy, family planning dynamics and the dilemma of the aging population in China.

September 10, 2009 4:00pm to 6:00pm

China, with the world's largest population, is facing some of the world's most dramatic population challenges. Dr Pillsbury will summarize major challenges and invite discussion on the following topics:

•       Population policy and family planning dynamics
•       Two Chinas and Migration for a better life
•       The dilemma of the aging population
•       People facing epidemics: AIDS, SARS, Avian flu and what next?

Dr. Barbara Pillsbury is a cultural and medical anthropologist, specialized in the design, management and evaluation of socioeconomic development programs in developing countries, especially in Asia. She has worked extensively in China, conducting research, training workshops, evaluations and strategic planning for Chinese governmental agencies and international organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Population Agency (UNFPA) and UNICEF.  Most recently she was team leader for the 2008 Review of the Government of China-UNFPA Country Programme (which contributed to renewal of the U.S. government’s contributions to UNFPA). Dr. Pillsbury brings to China comparative perspectives from work in other parts of the world with many governmental and non-governmental agencies. She has published widely (including in Chinese) and held numerous academic appointments, including UCLA, USC, Taiwan Normal University, and Columbia University. Her early career focused on ethnicity and Islam (PhD dissertation on Islam in China, for Columbia University).

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