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China's Place in the Global Financial Crisis

USCI presents a talk with Calla Wiemer on China and the financial crisis.

December 2, 2008 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Payments imbalances mounting unsustainably between the US and China were a precursor to the global financial crisis.  Chinese observers blamed US monetary policy and general American profligacy while Americans pointed the finger at China's exchange rate.  How do we understand China's place in this crisis as contributor, victim, and/or potential savior?

Calla Wiemer is a Visiting Scholar at the UCLA Center for Chinese Studies, a Research Associate at the National University of Singapore East Asian Institute, and a Consultant to the Asian Development Bank.  She has been an observer of the Chinese economy since studying at Nanjing University in 1981 and has just returned home to southern California after four years in Singapore.

Dr. Wiemer has just published an op-ed in the Asian Wall Street Journal entitled "China's Stimulus Will Work."