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China's Century? Beijing's Rocky Road to Great Power Status: A Talk by Martin Jacques

On February 7, 2013, the Transatlantic Academy will host a lunch discussion with Martin Jacques, author of When China Rules the World, from 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm.

February 8, 2013 12:30pm to 1:30pm

The common view in Washington holds that China does not represent a serious challenge to U.S. global hegemony over the short to medium term. However, events since the Western financial crisis have only served to accelerate China’s rise vis-à-vis the United States. In this session, Transatlantic Academy nonresident fellow Martin Jacques will ask: Can China become a truly great global power? Can its economic rise and political consensus last? What would a Sino-centric world look like, and what would Beijing need to do to create it?

Martin Jacques
is the author of the global best-seller When China Rules the World: the End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order, first published in 2009. The second edition - greatly expanded, revised and updated - was published as a paperback in the UK at the end of March 2012. Martin is a Senior Visiting Fellow at IDEAS, a centre for diplomacy and grand strategy at the London School of Economics. He is a Visiting Professor at Tsinghua University and a non-resident fellow at the Transatlantic Academy, Washington DC. He was formerly the editor of the renowned London-based monthly Marxism Today until its closure in 1991. He was co-founder of the think-tank Demos. He has been a columnist for many newspapers, made many television programmes and is a former deputy editor of The Independent newspaper. He took his doctorate while at King's College, Cambridge.

Jacques’ presentation will be followed by a response by Mark Leonard, Transatlantic Academy Bosch Public Policy Fellow and Co-Founder and Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations. The discussion will be moderated by Stephen Szabo, Transatlantic Academy Executive Director.

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