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China-US Entrepreneurship Club: Business Networking

The China-US Entrepreneurship Club is a business networking for those who are interested in Chinese Market.

July 17, 2014 6:30pm to 8:30pm

China-US Bilateral Entrepreneurship Club is a networking and social club for entrepreneurs, pre-entrepreneurs, investors and technologists who are interested in the Chinese market or business opportunities from the opening-up of China and increased cultural, technological and business interaction between China the the United States. This group welcomes everyone that has an interest in these topics.

This time we are having business networking session at 620 Jones near Union Square. The owner of this beautiful rooftop restaurant/bar is very welcoming to our group's presence there. For the first-timers, you will get to meet many business owners, entrepreneurs and service professionals dealing with the Chinese market, China-US import/export, Chinese manufacturing and web/mobile startups. We welcome anyone with an interest in doing China-US related business. If you are business students looking for internships and jobs, we want to see you too!

To RSVP, please join and RSVP to the event there! Just RSVPing on EventBrite will not guarantee entrance.