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China: End of the Reform Era

Hosted by the Center for Chinese Legal Studies at Columbia Law School, Carl Minzner presents how Chinese legal reform is stalling.

March 28, 2018 12:15pm to 2:15pm
In "End of an Era: How China's Authoritarian Revival is Undermining Its Rise," Professor Minzner will discuss how we are witnessing the end of China's reform era. Core features that have characterized the past three decades of Chinese governance--political stability, ideological openness, and rapid economic growth--are unraveling.  
Over the past three decades a frozen political system has fueled both the rise of entrenched interests within the Communist Party itself, and the systematic underdevelopment of institutions of governance among state and society at large. Economic cleavages have widened. Social unrest has worsened. Ideological polarization has deepened. Now, to address these looming problems, China’s leaders are progressively cannibalizing institutional norms and practices that have formed the bedrock of the regime's stability in the reform era.
Carl Minzner is an expert in Chinese law and governance. He has written extensively on these topics in both academic journals and the popular press. He is the author of End of an Era: How China's Authoritarian Revival is Undermining its Rise (Oxford University Press, 2018). Prior to joining Fordham, he was an Associate Professor of Law at Washington University in St. Louis.