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Buried with the Sky with Dr. Ed Krupp

The Bowers Museum presents Dr. Ed Krupp who plans to discuss astronomy and the tombs of ancient China.

January 28, 2012 4:00pm to 9:00pm

Schedule of Events:
4 - 6 PM    Browse through the Warriors exhibit and the entire museum; Happy Hour in Tangata (drinks and appetizers half-price); Shop in the Warriors and Gallery Store and receive a 20% discount.

5:30 PM     Doors Open to Norma Kershaw Auditorium

6 - 7 PM     Distinguished Lecture: Buried with the Sky: Astronomy and Tombs in Ancient China

Dr. Ed Krupp, Director, Griffith Observatory, takes you marching into the afterworld with an army of eternal warriors, China’s first emperor was buried in a monumental tomb that miniaturized the cosmos and put him at its center. Other Chinese rulers and elite also drew the sky down into their tombs with depictions of the sun, moon, and stars. Since 1981, Dr. Krupp has examined and photographed ancient Chinese tombs, temples, and shrines and spotlighted their celestial content. Tonight’s program extracts the heavens from the realm of the dead in old China.

 "On every return to China, I've chased down and documented the suns, moons, and stars in ancient tombs, and most of this imagery remains unseen outside of China. I am delighted to showcase it at the Bowers Museum in conjunction with Warriors, Tombs and Temples." - Dr. Ed Krupp, Director, Griffith Observatory

7 - 9 PM   Three-course fine-dining experience by the Bowers' Zagat-rated Tangata. Start off with a delicious manchego salad of baby argula, fuji apples, toasted almonds, apricots and dates.  Then enjoy a duo plate of free range chicken and marinated bistro steak with whipped potatoes and glazed carrots.  Finish off this exceptional meal with a chocolate lava cake with creme anglaise.  Bon appetit!

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