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Ancient China in a Eurasian Context

The UC Santa Barbara Confucius Institute hosts a conference on the study of Ancient China in the context of Europe/Asian relations.

April 20, 2018 8:30am to April 21, 2018 1:30pm
The UCSB Confucius Institute are delighted to host the following important speakers:
  • Professor Dame Jessica Rawson from Oxford University, a path-breaking scholar in the study of ancient China and its relations with non-Chinese cultures
  • Professor Qingbo Duan from Northwest University, Xi’an, China, who has overseen the recent excavations of Emperor Qin's tomb complex
  • Professor Lothar von Falkenhausen from UCLA, who has published important works on the archaeology of Bronze Age China and the archaeology of Confucius' lifetime
  • Professor Peter S. Wells from the University of Minnesota, who was a prestigious scholar of later prehistoric Europe, especially the Bronze and Iron Ages and the Roman Period
  • UCSB's own distinguished Professor Barbieri-Low at UCSB, who will give a comparative paper on ancient China and India.