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Absurd Recreation

A multi-media group exhibition of nine artists from China who engage in an absurdist "recreation" of settings, events, and situations in reaction to the rapidly changing social and cultural landscape in China.

July 26, 2008 12:00am to October 4, 2008 12:00am

Absurd Recreation: Contemporary Art from China is a multi-media group exhibition of artists from China who use playful, humorous, ritualistic imagery, as if they were engaging in an absurdist, leisurely "recreation" that focuses on their interior lives and keeps the external world at an arm's length. They also have as a common theme the "re-creation" of settings, events, and situations, as if trying to recover scenes from a cultural amnesia, in reaction to the rapidly changing political, social, cultural, economic, and environmental landscapes in China. Artists in the exhibition include Chen Chieh-jen, Chen Wei, Hong Hao, Liu Qinghe, Wang Wei, Xie Xiaoze, Xu Ruotao, Xu Zhen, and Zhao Liang.

Support provided by Morono Kiang Gallery, Los Angeles and Falling Leaves Foundation. Organized by UCR Sweeney Art Gallery, and curated by gallery director Tyler Stallings. Catalog available.