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2022 Fellows and Bios

Bliss Tan

Bliss Tan is currently a third-year student majoring in Global Development and Sustainability and minoring in Economics at Lingnan University, Hong Kong. She was born and raised in Malaysia and can speak four languages: Mandarin, English, Malay, and Cantonese. During her leisure time, she enjoys jogging, hiking, reading, travelling, trying out new recipes, and going for long walks. She am open to new experiences, opportunities, and challenges, and loves connecting and interacting with people from different cultures and backgrounds. Exchanging stories and experiences with others and gaining new insights and perspectives.  Beyond academics, she is part of the University Innovation Fellows (UIF) program organized by Stanford, the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) Class of 2021 with a call to action which focuses on environmental sustainability, as well as Enactus Lingnan University which promotes innovation and entrepreneurship on campus.

Gaoyi Peng

Peng Gaoyi is a master student from the Department of Applied Psychology of Lingnan University. She strongly identifies with Lingnan University’s principle - "Education for Service" and is determined to make a long-lasting impact in the field of women empowerment. The notion empowers her to see those she works with elevating their self-esteem, realizing their potentials, and envisioning their self-actualization. She wants to narrow the gaps between mental wellbeing and work-life balance for full-time professional women in China via an integrated form of psychological intervention and empowerment service. She has worked in diverse full-time roles, and greatly values the diverse skill sets she have acquired, including landscape research, program design skills and project management experiences. She aspires to become a social entrepreneur who is able to deliver effective well-being intervention to professional women in the future.

Ming Man Ng (Jessica)

Ming Man Ng (Jessica) is a fourth-year undergraduate student at Lingnan University in Hong Kong, majoring in Translation.  She developed her enthusiasm for volunteering in high school and began contributing in the community, exploring issues such as social inclusion and poverty in Hong Kong as well as education in rural China. Inspired by the Lingnan Spirit, Jessica has become even more committed to serving the community. She worked as the Gerontechnology and Smart Ageing Project's Project Trainee and Service-Learning (S-L) Teaching Assistant. Jessica's two experiences have given her new perspectives on global humanitarian issues and inspired her to devote herself to making a positive difference in the world after graduation. The concerns of racial discrimination, gender inequality, and the aging population are the ones that concern her the most. Jessica hopes to gain a greater grasp of social issues she is concerned about as well as insights into American approaches on social issues during her time in the United States.

Temirlan Nurkaidar

Temirlan Nurkaidar is a first year student at Lingnan University, majoring in Business Administration with a plan to specialize in Finance and Data Science. His interests include edtech and fintech, as well as participating in various management competitions, where he has learned more about the points of contact between creativity and technology. He is  currently studying blockchain, curious where it will take him and what opportunities it will open up for the future. In addition to the technical interests, he is fond of culture and foreign languages. He speaks Kazakh, Russian, English, and Turkish (intermediate level). He is also actively studying Chinese and Arabic. His non-academic hobbies include playing the Kazakh national two-stringed instrument dombra, daily physical workouts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and hiking.

Trinh Ly

Trinh Ly is a second-year Global Liberal Arts student – an interdisciplinary major at Lingnan University. She was born in Saigon and "raised in the world" with a huge passion for traveling and exploring. She took gap years before entering university, which allowed her to experience different industries, from working in an NGO, an e-commerce business to a coding school and allowed her to develop herself into a well-rounded jack of all trades. Her interests encompass education, entrepreneurship, well-being, technology, and applying multiple perspectives to solve a problem. She strives to work hard and play hard to grab every opportunity presented. Apart from all formal interests, she also enjoys cooking, reading, hiking, backpacking, camping, and meditation. She always loves to dive into nature - her favorite healing zone - where she finds peace and joy.

Turar Kametay

Kametay Turar is a first-year student at Lingnan University majoring in Data Science. His current focuses include learning the programming language of Python, discovering the technology of blockchain, and studying statistics are things that. He plans to go deeper with real-life applications in the future, such as using machine learning models. He believes that life-long learning and getting new skills in the 21st century no matter what you do is very important. His life motto is “Just try and see what happens”. This statement continues to help him today. Hunger for knowledge and desire to be better have enabled him to explore this world’s hidden treasures, and cultivate interests such as working out, hiking, reading books, photo taking, watching TV shows, doing sports (judo, basketball, football, table tennis).