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2021 Fellows and Bios

Hao Gu

Hao Gu is a graduate student studying law at Sun Yat-sen University. He focuses on environmental public participation, global health equity, and anti-discrimination. As a member of the Environmental Mission Scholar Project of the Vermont Law School, he has been providing pro bono legal services to many ENGOs. He has done research on promoting the protection of rights of LGBT people. He is currently very interested in health humanities, and has also participated in public welfare projects in the prevention of infectious diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis, as well as volunteer services in hospice care. He plans to work in the field of global health in the future, and plans to continue studying in the field of international human rights law.

Ziyi Miao (Mia)

Ziyi is a first-year graduate student from Sun-Yat Sen University, majoring in civil and commercial law. She previously interned in Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court as a judicial assistant, and she has been a subject editor in journals and a teaching assistant at law school. She has also been involved in volunteer and service work on campus and in the community. Those precious experiences inspired her a lot and fostered her great concentration, sympathy, responsibility, and professionalism. She is excited to develop her abilities in dealing with emergencies, practical problem solving, and to communication with people of different cultural backgrounds.

Jessica Dai

Jessica Dai is a final-year undergraduate student studying Finance at Lingnan University in Hong Kong. In her spare time, she likes traveling and has a passion for fashion design. Jessica is sincerely concerned about social issues in her community and wishes to work on the Fellowship to improve the status quo. She has developed many practical skills through internships, academic study, scholarship schemes, and community activities. She once served as the Vice President of Education for Lingnan University Toastmasters Club and was awarded the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust Undergraduate Scholarship. Although majoring in finance, Jessica has a keen interest in other fields. Through conducting research and engaging in various voluntary work opportunities, she wishes to connect business concepts with charity principles to create a continuous and transparent feedback loop of revenues that can help the underprivileged.

Chun Mei Tam (Tammy)

Tammy is a student at at Lingnan University in Hong Kong. Tammy has engaged in several volunteering programs and community service opportunities in Lingnan, such as providing support for low-income families and the elderly. Through collaborating with the American NGO, Tammy expects to have a better understanding of their coordination mechanisms. She would like to develop some practical skills in dealing with some social issues as well. She is eager to apply knowledge on solving problems such as income inequality, education inequality and singleton elderlies. Her target groups would be those people who have lower socioeconomic status in society. She sincerely hopes to make significant changes in society and improve people’s quality of life.

Shawn Zhang

Shawn is really passionate about cross-culture communication, youth empowerment, education and public speaking. Language exchange has opened a new door for him to benefit from diverse culture and develop critical thinking skills. Interested and inspired by SDG, he joined the 44th World Youth Rally in Korea and started to think about how we might be able to empower youth and provide suggestions on career planning better. In his spare time, he has been a core member of TEDxGuangzhou curation team for 4 years and was once a Junior Achievement voluntary career coach providing career advice for SYSU students. By joining this program, Shawn wants to enhance his cross-culture communication skills and build a command of how projects related to youth education are run in the U.S. and apply what he has learned in his own project in his community.

Chunyu Tan

Chunyu Tan is a second-year postgraduate student studying Applied Psychology at Sun Yat-sen University. She is passionate about gaining a better understanding of the behavior and psychology of people. She believes that we can help people in need only when we really know what they think, and why they think in that way. In the past few years, she has participated in a lot of volunteer activities, including hometown-based activities, campus-based volunteer teaching and international volunteer work. She has also interned at global-facing companies. These experiences have equipped her with the executive ability, communication skills as well as problem-solving technique that will be valuable as she prepares to intern in a U.S. based NGO. She is very interested in how young students with entrepreneurship design their future and make actions, therefore, she hopes to consult with them about their plans and find resources to help them achieve their dreams.