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Watch The Presentations From The Education Panel At The "China: Finding Solutions" Conference

Our "Finding Solutions" conference focused on the work of individuals, companies, and NGOs addressing some of China’s most pressing challenges. We had a large and diverse audience participate. 

April 24, 2018



Scott Rozelle is the Helen F. Farnsworth Senior Fellow and the co-director of the Rural Education Action Program in the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies at Stanford University. His research on agricultural policy as well as the economics of poverty and inequality focuses on rural education, health, and nutrition. Rozelle received the 2008 Friendship Award in 2008, the highest award given to a non-Chinese by the Premier of the PRC.


This video is also available on the USCI YouTube Channel.

YANG Ya 杨娅 established Shenzhen Lianshuo Automation Technology Co., which focuses on robotics and intelligent manufacturing, in 2011. The company merged with Handler and went public in 2015 and Yang set up Lianshuo’s education division that specializes in industrial robot vocational training—the leading company in this field. It has strategic partnerships with most major robot manufacturers and has set up cooperative programs with vocational schools, comprehensive universities, and education research programs. In 2017, China’s Ministry of Education and the Shenzhen government supported Lianshuo’s new partnership with Shenzhen Polytechnic to create the Intelligent Manufacturing Dual Vocational Education Group. 


This video is also available on the USCI YouTube Channel.

Pat Kwei-ping Yang 样贵平 co-founded the Zigen Fund 滋根基金会 for Grassroots and its China-registered counterpart in 1988 and continues to lead the organization. Zigen has carried out education and poverty alleviation work in twenty remote countries across nine provinces. Its work has included funding education for girls, improving school facilities, training teachers, strengthening libraries and work on environmental sustainability. Yang’s advocacy encouraged the Ministry of Education to end the indiscriminate consolidation of rural schools. Her dedication and leadership has brought her numerous awards, including Public Welfare Figure of 2017.


This video is also available on the USCI YouTube Channel.


Alan Arkatov holds the Katzman/Ernst Chair in Educational Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation at the USC Rossier School of Education. He is known for creating effective ads for successful national, state and local campaigns and as an education entrepreneur.  He was previously President of, CEO of the Teaching Channel, a creator and an EVP for 2U, President of eEducation Group, and the founder/chairman of Arkatov served on the California State Board of Education, chaired California’s Post-Secondary Education Commission and has headed or served as a director of numerous non-profit organizations.

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