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Watch The Presentations From The Data, Environment, and Health Panel At The "China: Finding Solutions" Conference

Our "Finding Solutions" conference focused on the work of individuals, companies, and NGOs addressing some of China’s most pressing challenges. We had a large and diverse audience participate. 


April 24, 2018
Angel Hsu is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies at Yale-NUS College in Singapore with a joint appointment at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She is Founder and Director of Data-Driven Yale, an interdisciplinary research group that uses innovative data analytics to distill signals from large-scale and unconventional datasets to develop policy solutions to contemporary environmental problems. From 2010-11 she was a Fulbright Scholar based at Tsinghua's School of the Environment. She has provided expert testimony to the US-China Economic Security and Review Commission. She holds a PhD in Environmental Policy from the Yale University. 

This video is also available on the USCI YouTube Channel.

XU Xin 徐昕 is green choice outreach officer at the Institute for Public and Environmental Affairs, a non-profit environmental organization established in Beijing in 2006. It promotes information disclosure and public participation as means of strengthening environmental governance mechanisms, reducing emissions, and improving environmental quality. Xu focuses on stakeholder engagement surrounding IPE’s green supply chain initiative to integrate transparency and stakeholder participation into existing supply chain management systems. Xu holds a master’s degree from the University of Edinburgh in International Development. She is fluent in English, Hindi and her native Mandarin.


This video is also available on the USCI YouTube Channel.


Ed Avol is Professor of Clinical Preventive Medicine, with expertise in exposure assessment and acute/chronic respiratory and cardiovascular effects of airborne pollutants. He helped design, organize, and perform the Children's Health Study and is a key investigator in assorted current research of environmental exposures on children’s health. He directs the Spatial Exposure and Analytics Core (SEAC) in the Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center and leads the undergraduate Environmental Health teaching program in Health Promotion at USC. Avol is also active in community outreach, particularly with regard to issues associated with seaport operations.

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