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Video: Xiao Lin on Shanghai Free Trade Zone

Xiao Lin, director of the Shanghai Development Research Center, discusses the progress of the "pilot free trade zone" established in Shanghai last year.

December 2, 2014

In 2013, the Shanghai government announced the establishment of a "pilot free trade zone" (自由贸易试验区), a 29 square km area. The announced aims for the zone include opening up new sectors for investment and trade, loosening currency controls to facilitate internationalization of the yuan, and advancing China's global competitiveness. Xiao Lin, one of the architects of the zone, will discuss the progress made over the first year and prospects for the future.

Xiao Lin is director of the Shanghai Development Research Center, a think tank serving the Shanghai municipal government. He earned his doctorate at Shanghai Jiaotong University and is an adjunct professor there and at several other universities.  He heads the Shanghai Academy of Development and Reform. Prior to joining government service, Dr. Xiao worked in the private sector. Since joining the government, he's primarily worked in Shanghai, but also served the State Council's Research Office. Dr. Xiao's principal research areas are finance and asset managment and macroeconomic analysis and policy design. He is among the principal architects of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone and is part of the team conducting the first year evaluation of the zone.

The presentation is in Chinese with English interpretation.


This video is also available on the USCI YouTube Channel.

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