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China and Russia in Latin America: 2017 and Beyond

The Wilson Center's Kennan Institute will host the event, China and Russia in Latin America in 2017 and Beyond. This event is cosponsored by the Wilson Center's Latin America Program and the Kissinger Institute on China and the U.S.

Democratic Accountability and Foreign Policy Commitments in Asia

Yale will hold a conference on how electoral and legislative politics interact with security and foreign economic policy in East Asia.

Vietnam, the United States and China Today – Insights from the Consul General (MLF)

Nguyen Ba Hung, Consul General of Vietnam in San Francisco the Socialist Republic of Vietnam will discuss the relations between Vietnam, the United States and China today.

International Law and the South China Sea

Columbia Law School will host a discussion on international law in the South China Sea.

Chinese and Russian Border Disputes - Are Dotted Lines a Red Line?

The Kennan Institute presents a program that examines the historical Sino-Soviet and Sino-Russian border disputes and their resolution.

Chinese and U.S. Nuclear Strategies in a New Era of Great Power Competition

The Wilson Center Kissinger Institute hosts a panel discussion on Chinese and U.S. nuclear strategies in a context of regional competition.

US-China Relations: Can Conflict Be Avoided?

The Foreign Policy Research Institute presents Dr. Jacqueline Deal, exploring the rise, the potential for conflict, and US policy responses to China in a "Main Line Breakfast Briefing".

Philip Thai, "The War on Smuggling in Coastal China: Law, Policing, and State-Building"

Philip Thai will explore the relationship between the assertion of state authority and the policing of trade in coastal China through an examination of the Nationalists' war on smuggling during the Nanjing Decade (1927-37).

Conflicts of Interest: Art and War in Modern Japan

The Saint Louis Art Museum presents an exhibition following Japan's rise as a military power through the Russo-Japanese war.

Chinese and American Approaches to Non-Traditional Security Challenges: Implications for the Maritime Domain

The Naval War College's China Maritime Studies Institute (CMSI) will be
hosting its fifth annual conference in Newport, Rhode Island.



January 28, 2021 - 4:00pm

Jennifer Pan examines how China's major social assistance program, Dibao, has been used to quell dissent.

February 4, 2021 - 4:00pm

Scott Rozelle discusses his new book that looks at the stark contrast between China's rural and urban populations.