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The Art of Being Awesome: Grand Strategy in the Ming Dynasty

Rice University's Chao Center for Asian Studies will host a lecture on military strategy in the Ming dynasty by Professor Kenneth Swope of the University of Southern Mississippi.

Crouching Tiger: What China's Militarism Means to the World

The University of California, Irvine presents Professor Peter Navarro, speaking about his new book, "Crouching Tiger."

Nicholas Khoo, Collateral Damage: Sino-Soviet Rivalry and the Termination of the Sino-Vietnamese Alliance (1964-1991)

The Sigur Center hosts a discussion of China's Cold War alliances and policies from 1962 to 1991

Is the United States Ready for China's Rise?: Alliances for a New Asia

The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research hosts a discussion on the budding US-China security rivalry in Asia.

The PRC Re-education Gulag: Repression, Assimilation and Islamophobia in the Name of Tianxia Harmony

The UCLA Center for Chinese Studies presents a talk by James A. Millward on the internment of indigenous peoples in China.

The Rise of China and Japan’s New Security Strategy

UC Berkeley's Center for Chinese Studies hosts a talk with Narushige Michishita

[Virtual Event] Margaret K. Lewis: Criminalizing China

Join Margaret K. Lewis for her virtual talk on criminalizing China. 

The Crucial Connection between China’s Economy and Its Foreign Policy

In the past, concerns raised by China's bad debt bubbles have raised no alarms because of China's $4 trillion in foreign exchange reserves. Now, those reserves are at $3 trillion and declining. Just what trajectory those reserves take may have an enormous impact on China's foreign policy choices - whether to turn inward or to become ever more assertive.

The U.S. and China: Partners, Rivals, or Adversaries?

The National Committee on American Foreign Policy hosts a discussion of the U.S.-China relationship and it's future.

The Chinese Naval Role In The Pacific And The American Response

A public talk on Chinese Naval role and how U.S responded



January 21, 2021 - 4:00pm

Joshua Goldstein talks about his new book looking at the history of the recycling industry in China.

January 28, 2021 - 4:00pm

Jennifer Pan examines how China's major social assistance program, Dibao, has been used to quell dissent.