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Taiwan & China: The Non-Negotiable Elements at the Possible Political Negotiation

George Washington University presents a talk on Taiwan-China Relations. Based upon the strategies and the tactics of Global/International Negotiations and Conflict Management Systems, the main objective of this event is to identify, interpret, and react to the non-negotiable elements at the possible political negotiations between Taiwan and China. This lecture by Dr. Peter Chen will be followed by a roundtable forum and concluding remarks.

Varieties of State Building in the Borderland Area between China and Mainland Southeast Asia

UC Berkeley Center for Chinese Studies hosts a talk by Enze Han on state formation in the borderland area between China and Southeast Asia.

The Practice and Politics of Exhibiting Artwork in Early Twentieth-Century China

The Mansfield Freeman Center for East Asian Studies hosts the 9th Annual Enzhen Tong Memorial Lecture with Xiaobing Max Tang

Chinese and Japanese Investments in South and Southeast Asia: Case Studies from the Automobile and Electronics Industries

George Washington University presents a talk by Professor Eric Harwit, who will speak on his research on Japanese and Chinese investment trends in Southeast Asia.

The Rise and Fall of Chinese Legal Education: 1978-2011

The University of Kansas School of Law presents a talk with Carl Minzner.

The Scouting Report: Previewing President Obama's First Trip to China (Online Chat)

The Scouting Report presents two experts that will lead an online discussion pertaining to President Obama's first trip to China.

Strongman Leaders and Digital Media

What role does digital media play? A buffer against corruption? A platform for causes? An arena for discourse? A tool for propaganda?


China, the United States and the Future of Central Asia

The Foreign Policy Association presents Dr. David Denoon as he talks about the behavior and strategies of the United States and China as they compete for influence in Central Asia, drawing a comparison to Southeast Asia.