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2008 US-China Business Law Conference at UCLA

Doing business with partners in China? Understanding Chinese law is essential.

Looking at State-Society Relations in China through the Lens of Homeowners’ Association Movements

University of Pennsylvania Center for the Study of Contemporary China hosts a talk with Chen Lei on the government reaction to homeowner protests in China.

Whither China? Revisiting the Dangers of Nationalism and Democratization

UC Berkeley's Institute of East Asian Studies presents a talk by Peter Lorentzen and Jessica Chen Weiss discussing the role of nationalism and democratic mobilization in China.

Human Rights Treaties, Customary International Human Rights Law and Effects in Chinese Law

The Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania presents a lecture with James Zhaojie Li.

Intersections of Socialism and Liberalism: Transnational Perspectives from Central Eastern Europe and East Asia

Rice University in Houston will host a two-day workshop on socialism and liberalism in both Central Eastern Europe and East Asia.

Paul, ed., The China-India Rivalry in the Globalization Era, 2018

T.V. Paul's edited book was reviewed by Jabin T. Jacob for the history of diplomacy discussion list. It is republished here via Creative Commons license.

Lunch with a Leader : Doane Liu

University of Southern California's Lunch with a Leader provides students with the opportunity to converse with the Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles, Doane Liu.

Legal Education in Republican and Maoist China

Part of the Long Institute Lecture Series on Chinese Law, Business, and Society, Glenn D. Tiffert provides an overview of modern legal education in China.

The Theravada Buddhist Puzzle - Inclusionary Doctrines, Exclusionary Contemporary Politics: Why?

Alfred Stepan, Wallace Sayre Professor of Government and Director of the Center for the Study of Democracy, Toleration, and Religion, Co

The Changing Landscape of Environmental Public Participation and Protest in China

The Wilson Center China Environment Forum presents a talk with Wu Fengshi and Judith Shapiro on public participation and protest in regards to the environment in China.