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U.S.-China Relations

The Institute for Global and International Studies at The George Washington University presents a talk with Tom Christensen.

The Chinese Communist Party's United Front Strategy in Australia: what works, what doesn't, and why?

The UC Berkeley center for Chinese Studies is hosting a talk by John Fitzgerald on the Chinese strategy in Australia.

Looking at State-Society Relations in China through the Lens of Homeowners’ Association Movements

University of Pennsylvania Center for the Study of Contemporary China hosts a talk with Chen Lei on the government reaction to homeowner protests in China.

Asian Models of Leadership: The Women's Edition

Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg ("Speaking While Female") recently observed: "research shows that when it comes to leadership skills, although men are more confident, women are more competent." Following up on a symposium on Asian Models of Leadership centered on Confucius in October 2014, SDSU will focus on women leaders of Asia, past and present.

The Political Imagination in Asia Beyond Electoral Democracy

Columbia University will hold a panel discussion on the political imagination in Asia.

Indigenous Knowledge? The Politics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

UC Berkeley's Center for Chinese Studies presents a talk by Judith Farquhar on the tradition of medicine in China and its Western engagements.

Ping-Pong Diplomacy Celebration: Musical Performance & Exhibition Table Tennis Games

Explore how the U.S. and China first developed a relationship in diplomacy through something know as "Ping-Pong Diplomacy" with UMichigan as we celebrate the 45th annual anniversary with music, distinguished guests and ping-pong games. 

The 2016 General Election in Taiwan and Its Implications for Cross-Strait Relations

The Organization of Asian Studies is honored to host Mr. Alan D. Romberg of the Stimson Center and hear him speak about the future prospects of cross-Strait relations after the Taiwan general election this year.

The Changing Face of China and its Impact on the World

China has gone through an extraordinary transformation in the past 25 years since Tiananmen Square. Chinese consumerism is soaring and a new opulent wealthy class has emerged. Dr. Perry Link joins Asia Society Texas Center to discuss the recent Chinese boom and what has transpired since Tiananmen Square. Is it a result of government policies or is it the actual Chinese people responsible for the changing face of China?

Protecting American Innovation: the Department of Justice’s China Initiative

Join the USC U.S.-China Institute for a conversation with U.S. Assistant Attorney General John Demers.