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Patterns of Public Protest in China in the Past Forty Decades

Columbia University's Weatherhead East Asian Institute hosts a talks by Dingxin Zhao.

China Watcher: Confessions of a Peking Tom

The Institute of East Asian Studies at UC Berkeley presents a discussion with Richard Baum on his latest book.

China, Latin America, and the United States: The New Triangle

A discussion of the roles of China, Latin America and the United States on the world stage.

Yellow Dust Blows East: Contemporary South Korean Images of China

Dr. Stephen Epstein will analyze images of China in contemporary South Korea, drawing on television news, cyberspace commentary, advertisements, and books aimed at the popular market.

Making Sense of the Turmoil in Hong Kong

The USC U.S.-China Institute and the Asia Society Southern California present a talk with Robert Koepp, the Hong Kong Director of The Economist Corporate Network, about the implications of the latest developments in Hong Kong.

CCCI: The Challenges of Municipal Finance in China

The Cornell Contemporary China Initiative Lecture Series, featuring interdisciplinary talks by scholars on issues in China today, runs every Monday this semester. This talk will be presented by Zhi Liu, Director of the China Program, Lincoln Institute of Land Policy; Director, Peking University - Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy (Beijing)

ChinaFile Presents: Can the China Model Succeed?

The Asia Society of New York hosts a talk by Daniel A. Bell on his new book.

The China-Japan Border Dispute over the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands Symposium: Law, Economics, Nationalism, Politics, and Peace

The Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies at the University of Illinois-Urbana presents a one day symposium.

America and the East: Confronting a Powerful China with Western Characteristics

The Foreign Policy Research Institute presents James Kurth.

China’s Great Western Development

Evaluations and Perspectives on China's Most Sweeping Developmental Initiative: The Great Western Development Project