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PBI Student Video Presentations

Pomona College presents PBI Student Video Presentations.

Liberalism in Contemporary China: Projects and Prospects

The Columbia University Weatherhead East Asian Institute will be hosting a workshop on Chinese liberalism. 


Xi Jinping, China's Rise and Leadership in Asia with Robert Sutter

The Sigur Center for Asian Studies and the Elliot School for International Affairs hosts a talk with Robert Sutter about his new book on Chinese foreign relations.

What the Fourth Plenum Meeting Brings to Rule of Law in China

The Weatherhead East Asian Institute at Columbia University presents a discussion by Professor Wang Xixin.

China’s Impending Leadership Transition

Foreign Policy Research Institute will host a public talk about Impending Leadership Transition in China on July 11, 2012.

The United States & Australia in Asia: A US-Australia Dialogue Event

The US Studies Centre at the University of Sydney presents an all-day event as part of G'DAY USA - Australia Week 2011 in Hollywood.

Staying Alive: Thirty Years of Reforming China's Communist Party (CCP)

This talk is part of the Stanford China Program Winter 2009 China Seminar Series titled "30 Years of Reform and Opening in China: How Far from the Cage?"

How Covid-19 Anti-Asian Politics Are Impacting the Fall Elections

This Claremont Colleges Webinar looks at how the Covid-19 pandemic has inflamed anti-Asian bias and is impacting the US presidential and congressional races in advance of the November elections.

Celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of the Center on U.S.-China Relations

Join the Asia Society for an evening of celebration on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Asia Society Center on U.S.-China Relations.

USC Shanghai Entrepreneur Forum

The USC Alumni Club of Shanghai will host the USC Shanghai Entrepreneur Forum on Sunday, November 15th.