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China-Taiwan Standoff: A U.S. Challenge?

Professor John Copper will lecture about the implications of the China-Taiwan standoff for the United States at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga.

How did we get here? The inside story of the US-China trade war

Bob Davis and Lingling Wei, authors of Superpower Showdown, will help us understand the ramp up of US-China economic tensions and the far-reaching consequences of the stand-off.  

Task Force on U.S.-China Policy: Recommendations for the New Administration

Columbia Law School will host Orville Schell to discuss US-China policy recommendations for the new administration.

Documentary Screening and Q&A with Distinguished Chinese Writer Bai Xianyong (Kenneth Pai)

The Center for East Asian Studies at the Department of Asian Studies at UT will host a screening of the documentary, “General Bai Chongxi and the February 28 Incident” and seminar by Professor Bai Xianyong (Kenneth Pai).

China’s Emergent Military Aerospace and Commercial Aviation Capabilities

The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission will hold a hearing on China's military and commercial aviation capabilities.

A Beijing Olympics Primer: Place, Performance, and Performative Space

A symposium that assesses China's historical moment in Beijing from three perspectives: the rapidly evolving cityscape, environmental dynamics, and, in the context of a changing society, traditional attitudes and values relating to self, body, and performance.

CCCI: TV Tears Made of Fear: Anatomy of the Spectacle of Power on Display in China's Forced Confessions

The Cornell Contemporary China Initiative Lecture Series, featuring interdisciplinary talks by scholars on issues in China today, runs every Monday this semester. This talk will be presented by Professor Magnus Fiskesjö, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Cornell University.

Globalization and the Local Politics behind China's Industrial Policies

Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies hosts a talk with Ling Chen on China's industrial policies.

Environmental Litigation in China: A Study in Political Ambivalence

Columbia Law School's Center for Chinese Legal Studies presents a lecture by Rachel Stern, Assistant Professor of Political Science and the Law School of UC Berkeley, on environmental litigation in China.