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In Conversation With Jon Huntsman

The Sigur Center for Asian Studies at the George Washington University hosts an event featuring Jon Huntsman, the former Utah Governor, Republican Party presidential candidate and U.S. Ambassador to China.

Cars, Currency, and Conflict:Three Issues Concerning Today’s China and How They Are Connected

Timothy Grose, a doctoral student at Indiana University, will host a discussion on cars, currency, and conflict. He will illustrate how all three element affect current economic conditions in China.

Eagle Watching in Moscow and Beijing: Russian and Chinese Historical Perspectives on the U.S.

The Wilson Center’s Kennan and Kissinger Institutes present a discussion of the history of Chinese and Russian narratives of the United States and how they inform policies in Moscow and Beijing today.

Matteo Ricci: His Map and Music

University of Minnesota Institute for Advanced Study and ¡Sacabuche! present an exploration of Matteo Ricci's 1602 map of China via music, words, and images

The Rising Neighbor: How the Koreans View China

Professor Dong Xiangrong of the Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies will be speaking at Columbia University on April 2, 2012.