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Y.C. Hong: Advocate for Chinese-American Inclusion

The Huntington Library opens an exhibit on You Chung Hong, a key figure in the history of Chinese Americans.

World Under Pressure: How China and India are Influencing the Global Economy and Environment

The Program on America and the Global Economy presents a book launch on Professor Carl Dahlman's new book.

China in the Shadow of Mao with Terril Jones

The Claremont Chinese Political and Societal Studies Club presents a talk by Professor Terril Jones, who will be reflecting on his first trip to China when Chairman Mao Zedong died on Sept. 9, 1976.

Neuhauser Lecture with Elizabeth Economy

The Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies presents Dr. Elizabeth Economy delivering the Neuhauser Lecture.

Corruption & Fraud in China: Challenges for US Companies & Investors

UC Berkeley presents a talk on China's political and economic climate for US companies and investors.

Screening: Please Vote For Me

This impossibly charming film features a third grade class in Wahun province and the intense politicking in the race to become Class Monitor.

Working Class Formation in China: Cognitive Dissonance and Politics of Reconceptualization

UC Berkeley Institute of East Asian Studies hosts a talk with Gaochao He on working class formation in China.

Sino-North Korean International Friendship

This talk explores the meanings of Sino-Korean friendship using North Korea's several key postwar dramas and literature about the subject.

China’s Internationalized Development Strategy: What this Means for Latin America

A joint conference sponsored by the USC Center for International Studies and The Young Initiative on the Global Economy at Occidental College.


Wielding the 'Sharp Sword': Petroleum and State Power in China's Far West, 1955-1961

University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies hosts a talk with Judd Kinzley on the relationship between oil and state development in Xinjiang.