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Human rights

China in 1989 and 2015: Tiananmen, Human Rights, and Democracy

The Congressional Executive Commission on China announces a hearing that willexamine Chinese authorities’ treatment of democracy, human rights, and anticorruption advocates in 1989 and 2015, and ask if China under Xi Jinping has made progress toward respecting the universal freedoms of speech, assembly, and association—the very principles which animated the 1989 Tiananmen protest 26 years ago.

Roundtable: "Current Conditions for Human Rights Defenders and Lawyers in China"

The Congressional-Executive Commission on China announces a roundtable discussion hosted by Senator Sherrod Brown, Cochairman on Current Conditions for Human Rights Defenders and Lawyers in China, and
Implications for U.S. Policy.

China's Power: Up for Debate (2nd Annual ChinaPower Conference)

The Center for Strategic and International Studies presents the second annual ChinaPower conference focusing on the issues that underpin Chinese power.

Why Chinese Citizens are so Positive toward Party and Government? Chronological Analysis of Chinese Four-city Survey

University of California Berkeley Institute of East Asian Studies hosts a talk by Shigeto Sonoda

Human Rights in Xinjiang: Recent Developments

Congressional-Executive Commission on China presents a one-day conference on recent developments of human rights in China's Xinjiang region.

Data, Society and Inference Seminar: How Censorship in China Allows Government Criticism but Silences Collective Expression

This cross-disciplinary seminar series will feature speakers tackling social science questions with big data and cutting-edge computation, data analysis, and inference techniques.

HIV/AIDS NGOs in China and Their Relationship with the Government

UCLA's Center for Chinese Studies presents a talk by Wan Yanhai.

Waves of Protest, Waves of Repression: China and Hong Kong from 1989 to the Era of Xi Jinping

Pomona College hosts a discussion with Wang Chaohua, Nathan Law, and Jeffrey Wasserstrom on the role of protest in the China-Hong Kong relationship.

Navigating the Next Round of Reform in China

The 21st Century China Program at UC San Diego cordially invites you to attend a panel discussion by distinguished experts on the future of China's reform after the Third Plenum of the 18th CPC Congress in November 2013.