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Elizabeth Economy: The River Runs Black

Asia Society presents a talk by Elizabeth Economy on China's growing environmental crisis and its implications for the country's future development.

Flowers to Frost: Four Seasons in East Asian Art

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art present an exhibit revolving around the four seasons, which in East Asian culture are regarded as an expression of the cycles of nature and a harmonious universe.

NE Colloquium- China Nuclear Power Industry – A Comparative Study

Join the Nuclear Engineering Department, and the Institute of East Asian Studies at UC Berkeley for a comparative look at China's nuclear industry, by Jun Li, Wharton School University of Penn.

Land for Welfare in China

The Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University presents a talk with Meina Cai who will demonstrate that social welfare provision cannot be understood in isolation from the unique land property rights regime in China.

Berkeley RADICAL Artistic Residencies Symposium: Artists, Aesthetics, and the Natural World Part I

University of California, Berkeley hosts a symposium exploring artistic, spiritual, and creative responses to the natural world in association with Cloud Gate Dance Company's Rice.

Will China Save the Planet?: Talk at UCSD

Now that Trump has turned the U.S. into a global climate outcast, will China take the lead in saving our planet from environmental catastrophe?

The Oil Reserves of Western China: The Junggar adn Tarim Basins

Dr. Marc Hendrix will discuss oil and gas reserves in China at the University of Montana.

Resource Competition in East Asia: Political and Environmental Implications

The School of International Relations and Program on Environmental Studies present a symposium.

Fourth Annual China Symposium: Defining Chinese Modernity: Information, Economy, and Environment

This year's annual China symposium will have a panel discussion exploring the impacts of a growing economy on the Chinese society.