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Berkeley Students Working in China on the Future of a Water Village in the Pearl River Delta and on the Grand Canal in Hangzhou

Peter Bosselmann will speak about UC Berkeley students' work in Guangzhou and Hangzhou, China, in January and March of this year.

East Asia as Method: Culture, Knowledge, Space

The UC Berkeley Haas Junior Scholar Fellows presents an Interdisciplinary Conference for Junior Scholars on "East Asia as a Method".

Fracking and China's Energy Revolution

Asia Society presents an exclusive preview of a yearlong investigation by Mother Jones and Climate Desk into China's nascent fracking boom, followed by discussion of China's energy future.

Red Alert: China Time, China Scale

Climate One at The Commonwealth Club hosts a talk with clean tech experts on China's clean technologies.

Conference on Sustainability in Asia

Join Cornell University in Hong Kong for a discussion to explore advances in sustainability research, engagement with communities, and opportunities for collaboration.

Fabricating the Future: Coastal Cuttlefish, Magnesium Carbonate, and a Strong Dose of Vernacular Industrialism in Early Twentieth-century China

Dr. Eugenia Lean will examines the intersection among vernacular science, commerce, and the ways in which knowledge and things are authenticated in an era of mass communication.

2012 Roundtable on Post-Communism

The Russian and East European Institute at Indiana University presents a roundtable with numerous speakers to talk about the post-communism world.

China, Law, and Copenhagen: CFR and NRDC Discuss

Chinese legal expert Jerome Cohen brings together a panel of leading experts on U.S.-China climate policy to discuss the run-up to Copenhagen and the current state of U.S.-China environmental relations.

Taiwan Studies Workshop: Ecologizing Taiwan: Nature, Society, Culture

A workshop on Taiwanese nature, culture and society, sponsored by the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange and Harvard University

Will China Save the Planet? Lunchtime Discussion with Barbara Finamore, Natural Resources Defense Council

UCLA Law hosts Barbara Finamore for a lunchtime discussion on her latest book.



October 29, 2020 - 4:00pm
The USC U.S.-China Institute and the USC Center on Transnational Law and Business look at what might be the aims of the next administration by focusing on technology, trade and investment ties.