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Bobby Cochran wins Luce Fellowship to travel to China

April 22, 2003

USC graduate student Bobby Cochran wins the Luce Scholarship. He’ll spend 10 months in China, immersed in Chinese culture and exploring his passion for the environment.

U.S. - China Working Group on Climate Change, 2003

January 16, 2003

The meeting of the working group was conducted under the agreement reached by
President George W. Bush and President Jiang Zemin in February 2002 to undertake
consultations to explore common ground and areas for cooperation on climate change. The two countries have identified 10 areas for cooperative research
and analysis.

Ma and Ortolano, Environmental Regulation in China: Institutions, Enforcement, and Compliance, 2000

December 31, 1999

Robert Marks reviews the book for H-Environment, August 2000, credit H-Net.

Vice President Gore Remarks At The U.S. China Environmental Forum, 1997

March 25, 1997

Vice President Albert Gore talked in Beijing about the link between environmental protection and economic development of U.S. and China.

Elizabeth Economy, The River Runs Black

Elizabeth Economy gives a talk on the environmental challenge to China's future.

From Here to China: Secrets of Plastic Recycling

This event is sponsored by the Ecology Center and is part of a series for Plastic-Free July.

Combustion Particles and Global Health: Cooking, Smoking and Climate

Lectures by Kirk Smith, professor of Global Environmental Health and chair of the Graduate Group in Environmental Health Sciences at UC Berkeley.

Cloud Gate Dance Theater: Rice

Taiwan's famous dance troupe performs Lin Hwai-Min's production, Rice.