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Whether you share your time, your attention, your expertise, your network or other resources, you help us.
November 25, 2020

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Thank you for reading our newsletter and event announcements and for joining us in our online discussions of new research and issues in the news. Your time is precious and we’re grateful that you share some of it with us. We especially appreciate it when you encourage others to subscribe to our newsletterYouTube channel, or social media feeds. Even before the pandemic moved organizations online, we sought to extend our reach by making book interviews, public talks and symposia available via video. Thank you for the questions you raise before and during events and for the feedback you provide on them and on content from our website. Do you have a favorite U.S.-China Institute infographic or event from the past year? Please let us know.

Thanks, too, for the many of you who have listening to our China Life podcast. Those who work in China or between China and the U.S. have diverse and interesting experiences and the podcast seeks to share some of them. We’re also happy that so many people read the articles and infographics produced by students writing for US-China Today, our web magazine. Those works open windows on a wide variety of topics from digital currency and the belt and road initiative to evolving ideas about beauty and how the pandemic has affected Chinese students in the U.S.

We are fortunate to work with a tremendous group of scholars and students at USC and beyond as well as terrific civic organizations such as PEN America, the Japan Society, the Asia Society and local World Affairs Councils. We’ve also benefited from working with great professional organizations and responsive government agencies. From the institute’s 2006 launch, Freeman Foundation support has made our extensive professional development programs for teacherspossible. Some of that work was already national in reach via online seminars, but this year we’ve created new courses and taken them and our existing seminars and workshops online. In 2020, support from the Lingnan Foundation has enabled us to bring the Chan Fellows service learning program to USC. We’ve worked with the foundation and UC Berkeley’s Public Service Center to create an online program that has reengaged Chan Fellows alumni as well as current students. Thanks to all our partners.

Our institute is almost entirely supported by gifts and grants. Our programs could not exist without the ongoing generosity of alumni and friends. We are grateful to all of them. Some of those who have long helped are the Wellen Sham Family, Emmet Hsu, and Stephen Lesser. Thanks to them and to all who have donated in these difficult times.

Whether you share your time, your attention, your expertise, your network or other resources, you help us. Our aim is to inform public discussion of the importance and evolving nature of the U.S.-China relationship. Thank you for helping us do this.

The USC U.S.-China Institute

Every gift, regardless of size, is welcome and makes a difference. Please help.