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Ho, "Chinese (Taiwan, Mainland China) college students' perceived childrearing attitudes and their relationship to irrational belief," 1991

USC Dissertation in Sociology.
August 26, 2009

Chang-Chu Pearl Ho, Ph.D.

Abstract (Summary)
Two instruments were adopted (Ho, 1991; Young, 1983) to measure college students' perceived parental childrearing attitudes (PCA) and the irrational beliefs (rB/iB). The purpose of this study was to answer the following questions: (1) Is there a relationship between the PCA and rB/iB? (2) What is the relationship of parental factors (education, major care-giver, marital satisfaction) to PCA and rB/iB? (3) What is the relationship of individual factors (gender, major, grades) to PCA and rB/iB? (4) Is there any difference between Taiwan and Mainland China subjects' PCA and rB/iB? (5) What is the integrated influence of parental factors, individual factors, living area difference to PCA and rB/iB?

The Cronbach alpha for each of six sub-scales (disciplinary, protective, indulgent, rejective, expectant, inconsistent) was computed. Factor analysis yielded six factors. The formal test was conducted in Taiwan (N = 942) and Mainland China (N = 637).

The results of simple correlation, one-way ANOVA and Multiple Regression Analysis indicated that, except for GPA, all the hypotheses were rejected. This means that (1) a relationship exists between the PCA and the rB/iB, and a variance of 8.57% of rB/iB is accounted for by the PCA; (2) there is a 2.29% to 5.67% variance of PCA accounted for by parental factors and a 2.87% variance of rB/iB accounted for by parental factors; (3) there is a 4.52% to 7.42% variance of PCA accounted for by individual factors and 4.82% variance of rB/iB accounted for by individual factors; (4) Taiwan subjects are perceived as less protective and inconsistent and more disciplinary, indulgent and expectant in childrearing attitude than Mainland China subjects; also, the Taiwan subjects exhibit significantly less (p $<$.001) irrational belief (M = 252.63) than do Mainland China subjects (M = 285.37); (5) the variance of integrated influence of parental factors, individual factors and living area difference to PCA and rB/iB are 4.69% to 13.05% and 13.19%, respectively.

Recommendations include: the location of other variables which will help to establish the sufficient model of parent-child-society interaction, the need for a uni-dimensional scale of PCA and an in-depth exploration of within-cultural variables. (Copies available exclusively from Micrographics Department, Doheny Library, USC, Los Angeles, CA 90089-0182.)

Advisor: Fox, Frank H.



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