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Chen, "Measurement invariance across cultures: A comparison between Chinese adolescents in China and in United States," 2007

USC thesis in Biostatistics.
August 21, 2009

Yu-Ling Chen, M.S

Abstract (Summary)

The datasets were obtained from Wave3 of both Southern California Smoking Prevention Trial (SCSPT) and Wuhan Smoking Prevention Trial (WSPT). For the purpose of this study, only Chinese or Chinese-Americans were selected from the SCSPT. The 3 rd year follow-up surveys which contained substantial overlapped items were used to investigate measurement invariance. The factor-scores between two study groups were compared by Student t-test. The confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) models were developed for each study groups. Multiple-group CFA procedures were used to test measurement invariance.

Result from multiple-group CFA indicated that the major of items associated with opinion, degression, respecto, and familism factors are not invariant between two cultures. Items in simpatia, machismo, and hostility factors demonstrated evidence of factor invariance between two cultures.

In summary, two items in simpatia, three items in machismo, and four items in hostility factors indicated the evidence of factors validity and invariance between two different cultures.

Advisor: Chou, Chih-Ping, Azen, Stanley