October 29, 2020
The USC U.S.-China Institute and the USC Center on Transnational Law and Business look at what might be the aims of the next administration by focusing on technology, trade and investment ties.

US-China Today

September 26, 2020

Originally published by US-China Today on September 26, 2020. Written by Valerie Wu. 

August 31, 2020

Originally published by US-China Today on August 31, 2020. Written by Peilin Chen. 


October 20, 2020

China-related news involving USC research, faculty, students and organizations.


July 6, 2020

A boy in Montana determined to learn Chinese, Dexter “Tiff” Roberts eventually became one of Businessweek’s first China correspondents. For two decades he explored how government policies affected everyday people. His new book, The Myth of Chinese Capitalism, tells the story of China’s hundreds of millions of migrant workers.