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2008 Beijing Organizing Committee Visits USC

Representatives from the organizing committee for the 2008 Olympic Games visited USC to tour university facilities.

January 20, 2003

Originally published on January 20, 2003 in USC University News

USC Facilities Management Services’ staff hosted nine representatives of the Beijing, China, organizing committee for the 2008 Olympic Games. The group visited USC in December to tour university facilities and to research the use of such existing facilities to create Olympic villages and athletic event venues, as well as their future upkeep and usage following the Games.

An informal presentation at the Faculty Center included the sharing of photographs and construction drawings, as well as a campus map that outlined USC’s Olympic Village.

The visit concluded with a campus tour led by Maurice Hollman, associate senior vice president, and key members of the univeristy’s administrative and facilities team in 1984: Anthony Lazzaro, vice president emeritus, Gary Pitassi, director of HSC facilities management services, and Chuck O’Regan, director of operations and maintenance.

From left, Maurice Hollman, Anthony Lazzaro, and Ping Yongquan, a member of the Beijing committee’s executive board and director of planning and construction.