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Xu, "The dilemma of Chinese students in America: To return or stay?," 2006

USC thesis in Anthropology.
August 21, 2009

Xiaoqiu Xu, M.A

Abstract (Summary)

To stay or return has been a function of multiple variables that Chinese students in America can never come up with a conclusive and permanent answer. Those factors of courtship and marriage, family and patriotism and culture work to restrain them from staying in America. However, if they decide to return to China it is likely that they will become "seaweed", waiting for jobs and treated with disfavor by their peers. Originally landing in the United States with huge ambitions and glorious dreams, Chinese students in America, years later, find themselves in an unenviable position. They cannot stay abroad yet find it difficult to return to China. This paper will discuss the factors that put Chinese students in America in such a dilemma and provide some suggestions on how to make decisions about staying or returning.

Advisor: Cooper, Eugene