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Viterbi School to Host Tsinghua University

The three-day conference unites leaders from USC and China’s premier technical institution.

April 25, 2008
By ERIC MANKIN, Originally published by USC News on April 25, 2008

USC Viterbi Dean Yannis Yortsos
Photo/Philip Channing

Engineering faculty and deans from USC and China’s preeminent technical research institution will share ideas during a three-day conference beginning with remarks by USC Viterbi Dean Yannis Yortsos and Vice President Xu Chen of Tsinghua University’s School of Information Science and Technology at 9 a.m. April 30.

The event, the second in an annual series, is part of “a unique partnership between two leaders in information technology to foster collaborative research and educational opportunities in emerging information technology areas,” according to Yortsos.

This series is made possible with support from Feng Deng, alumnus of both Tsinghua University and USC.

Keynote talks will be given by two computer scientists: Tsinghua professor Bo Zhang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Viterbi school professor Leonard Adleman.

After the talks, faculty members from both institutions will offer presentations on microelectronics and nanotechnology, wireless communications, optical networks, computations and system control, and signal processing and Databases.

The schedule also will include talks by department co-chair Alexander Sawchuk of the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering and chair Ramesh Govindan of the computer science department, offering overviews of research in their units.