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Video: Better Angels Post-Screening Discussion

USC U.S.-China Institute hosted a screening of Better Angels (善良的天使), a documentary film written and directed by two-time Academy Award winner Malcolm Clarke, with post-screening discussion with co-executive producer David Dreier and producer William Mundell. 

November 1, 2018

Better Angels is a theatrical documentary film written and directed by two-time Academy Award winner Malcolm Clarke, produced by William Mundell and executive produced by David Dreier. Produced over three years, shot on four continents and made with the participation of three US Secretaries of State, Better Angels features compelling encounters with some of the world’s most iconic thought leaders in the arena of Sino-US relations: Henry Kissinger, James Baker, Madeleine Albright and Kevin Rudd; and from China, C.H. Tung, Cheng Siwei, Ronnie C. Chan and General Qiao Liang — all of whose observations frame intimate portraits of educators and entrepreneurs, farmers and factory workers, movie moguls and small town mayors; all of them reaching out across the physical and metaphorical distances that separate two countries and cultures, each one learning more about their counterparts, colleagues and competitors from that other country — half a world away.



Elected as one of the youngest members of the United States Congress (1981-2013), David Dreier worked with eight presidents of both political parties to address the challenges of the Sino/US relationship. A leader in the annual MFN debate and China’s accession to the WTO, in a Wall Street Journal oped in 2013 he became the first to advocate China’s entry into the Trans Pacific Partnership. 

William Mundell is an entrepreneur, film producer, and political activist. He was an adjunct professor at UCLA’s Anderson Graduate School of Management, and is an honorary professor at Tsinghua University in China.In 2005, Mr. Mundell formed Californians For Fair Redistricting to advance fair redistricting reform. In 2010, he was the executive producer of Gerrymandering, a national documentary which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and focuses on the use of gerrymandering to fix elections and protect incumbents. It was widely credited with creating sweeping political reform in California.


Watch the trailer for Better Angels below.