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USC Global Fellows Heading to China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong

Twenty-three USC students from eight different schools will complete a variety of fellowships in summer 2008.

May 8, 2008

The Global Fellows program began in 2000 and is administered by the USC Office of Student Affairs. For 2008 and 2009, the program received financial support from a Freeman Foundation grant. The program provides students with the opportunity to get hands-on work experience in major Asian centers. In 2008, USC students will be working, often under the supervision of USC alumni, in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and Taipei, as well as Tokyo. USC's offices in Asia and the Shanghai Alumni Club worked with Student Affairs in arranging these internship opportunities.

Beijing Kenneth Colon
Sohum Karia
Shanghai Emma Browne
Michael Gawlick
Christopher Mora
DJ Strouse
Brian Tenenbaum
Aven Wright
Hong Kong Bret Alexander
Victoria Chernova
Anne Gillman
Catherine Jamgochian
Nicolette Omoile
Brandon Rose
Julie Schiro
Clara Suh
Taipei Cyndy Hernandez
Kili Maii
Helen Moser
Jeffrey Pfingsten
Rebecca Turner
Benjamin Vatterott
Craig Western

Fellows are passionate global citizens with the desire to be U.S. and USC ambassadors abroad. Typically, those selected for internships are excellent students with outstanding university involvement. They are placed in internship positions based on their interests, skills and best organizational fit. For additional information about the Global Fellows program, please click here.



Hong Kong-bound students meeting with students who completed Hong Kong internships in previous years.
Taipei-bound students meeting with students who completed Taipei internships in previous years.


We apologize for not having a photo of the Beijing and Shanghai bound students.