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Liao, "Endometrial cancer in Asian migrants to the United States and their descendants," 2000

USC thesis in Health.
August 24, 2009

Katherine Liao, M.S.

Abstract (Summary)
The incidence rates of primary epithelial endometrial cancer in Chinese, and Japanese migrants to the US and their descendants were compared with rates in US-born White females. Incident endometrial cancer cases were ascertained from three population-based cancer registries between 1973 and 1986. The rates of endometrial cancer among Asian born Japanese and Chinese women were particularly low (relative to US White women, RR (relative rate) in China-born = 0.55, RR in Japan-born = 0.33). The corresponding RRs in Chinese and Japanese women born in the U.S. were 0.74 and 0.67, respectively. These findings suggest that the international variation in rates of endometrial cancer are due in part to differences in the prevalence of nongenetic factors. Plausible candidate for such factors are dietary influences leading to obesity and the use of postmenopausal estrogens.

Advisor: Not listed