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Kuan, "Adjusting the bonds of love: Parenting, expertise and social change in a Chinese city," 2008.

USC Dissertation in Anthropology.
August 3, 2009

Teresa Kuan, Ph.D.

Abstract (Summary)
"Adjusting the Bonds of Love: Parenting, Expertise and Social Change in a Chinese City" examines the intersection between popular advice for parents and the lived experience of raising a child in urban China. Popular advice for raising high quality children has been widely available since the implementation of the one-child policy at the beginning of the 1980s. Disseminated through state and commercial channels, advice focused on topics such as nutrition, childcare, how to rear intelligence, and so on. At the turn of the 21 st century however, we see a shift in focus from advice on educating children to advice that educated parental emotions and conduct. I consider this shift in relation to the suzhi jiaoyu movement, to changing political reason, and discuss how such advice gets taken up in the context of everyday life.

Advisor: Mattingly, Cheryl F.
Committee members: Cooper, EugeneFurth, Charlotte