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Fang, "The study of alternative education in R.O.C," 2001

USC Dissertation in Education.
August 24, 2009

Hsien-Kuang Fang, Ed.D.

Abstract (Summary)
This study used historical research to explore the events and issues which occurred in the R.O.C. during the last mid-century to expand the alternative education system for human resources development.

The researcher takes advantage of some factors which contributed to the construction of the alternative education and analyzes these components to describe and trace the development of human resources by the alternative education in the R.O.C.

The study concluded the alternative educational model used by the R.O.C. in terms of human resources development and economic growth. Literature review, government documents analysis were the primary research approach. The data collection were presented in chronological order.

In this study, an emerging industrialized nation such as the R.O.C. would understand and employ this kind of alternative education system to develop human resources and to grow the economy to meet the requirement of the nation.

Advisor: Rideout, William