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Expo Blog: October - Expo Draws to an End?

A collection of the best Student Ambassador posts for the month of October

October 25, 2010
The Most Important Day of Expo                           October 25, 2010
By MARY ANNE MCELROY - Loyola University Maryland

A favorite topic of conversation at the World Expo from visitors and staff alike is the great journeys people have taken to participate in the largest peaceful international gathering in history. Working at the USA pavilion, many visitors me how they have come from all over China on overnight buses or trains and international visitors tell me about their long plane rides to visit a country and culture totally unlike their own. I hear about how their excitement carried them through the journey and made the hours pass quickly. What I never get to hear about is what happens after they leave the Expo gates for the last time to go back home.

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How I Survived Golden Week                                October 15, 2010
By SCOTT GOLDMAN - Duke University

8:12 am
I tried to arrive as early as possible today to prepare for the upcoming craziness. I arrived in the office after quickly signing out some radios at 7:28am. The inbox is already overflowing with over 79 emails. First one…”thank you for the confirmation of our request.” What a relief, the first email took no time at all and required zero action. I think this is just the calm before the storm!
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Spirit of Texas Week                                                 October 2, 2010
By SUSAN WANG - University of Colorado-Boulder

If it weren't for Hillary Clinton helping us getting some corporate funding then none of us would be able to come here to participate at the Expo. This time I have to actually thank the State of Texas for being one of our sponsors. So in the spirit of giving thanks, we had a dedicated week to all things Texan. From dressing up in NASA astronaut jumpsuits to enjoying the delightful homey melody of a swing fiddle, we are entertaining everyone who comes to the USA Pavilion. Read more of Susan's post...